An architect and urbanist practicing globally, writing, speaking and advising on value creation at the intersection of design, technology and entrepreneurialism as well as other contemporary issues of architecture, planning and real estate.

Design can be a powerful value creator

Don’t be afraid of the collaboration and rigor that is demanded by its process. ¬†Lead it.

Design everything

Someone has to.

If it’s needed and it doesn’t exist, create it

Isn’t this innovation?

Don’t allow design to get in the way of innovation

Great achievements don’t start with great design. They end with it.

If there is no chaos to manage there is no problem to solve

There is no recipe for innovation. Design a process unique to the situation.

Create simplicity from complexity

The design process is about multiple and parallel simultaneous explorations. It is complex and many times messy. Drive simplicity. In the end there can be clarity and elegance.

Create a plan. Then, execute the plan

A well conceived plan is a sheet of beautiful music. Conduct it beautifully.

Control is not leadership

Control keeps you on path. Leadership creates new paths.

Leadership can be quiet

It is sometimes better seen than heard.

Always imagine and plan for the day you will not be here

Everyday create a better place on which others can improve.